EXPOSED: Trump’s Media Empire in Legal Chaos! Co-Founders Accused of Sabotage Billion-Dollar Battle Erupts!

Former President Donald Trump’s media venture, Trump Media & Technology Group, has plunged into legal turmoil as it files a lawsuit against two of its co-founders, alleging various business shortcomings. This move comes in response to a lawsuit filed by the co-founders themselves, sparking a contentious battle over ownership stakes in the company.

Allegations Against Co-Founders

Trump Media’s lawsuit portrays Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss as negligent fiduciaries, accusing them of failing to establish proper corporate governance and impeding the launch of Truth Social, Trump’s anticipated social media platform. These alleged actions, the lawsuit contends, have caused substantial harm to the media company.

Obstruction of Merger and Financial Implications

Further exacerbating the dispute, Litinsky and Moss are accused of obstructing Trump Media’s merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a move intended to facilitate the company’s public offering. The lawsuit seeks to revoke shares issued to the co-founders, valued at approximately $600 million, on grounds of failure to fulfill fiduciary duties.

Counterclaims by Co-Founders

Litinsky and Moss initiated legal action against Trump Media, asserting that the company sought to dilute their ownership stakes through last-minute corporate maneuvers. They alleged a scheme orchestrated by Trump and the company to redistribute shares, diminishing their collective stake to less than 1%.

Significance of Trump’s Stake

With a stake estimated at $4 billion, Trump’s involvement in Trump Media is substantial, representing a significant portion of his overall net worth, valued at $5.9 billion by Forbes. The legal wrangling surrounding the company’s ownership structure has profound implications for Trump’s financial interests.

Related Legal Developments

Venture capitalist Michael Shvartsman and his brother, Gerald Shvartsman, are embroiled in an insider trading case linked to the Trump Media-Digital World Acquisition Corp. merger. The brothers, facing criminal charges, are reportedly nearing potential guilty pleas, signaling further legal entanglements surrounding Trump’s media venture.

Performance and Market Dynamics

Trump Media’s public debut witnessed an initial surge in stock value, bolstering the former president’s net worth. However, the company’s stock experienced a setback with a 20% decline following the disclosure of financial figures, revealing a net loss of $58.2 million against revenues of $4.1 million. Despite this setback, shares rebounded modestly, closing at $51.60.

Context and Implications

The timing of Trump Media’s public listing coincided with looming financial obligations for Trump, notably a $454 million bond payment in a civil fraud case. While Trump has made progress in meeting this obligation, restrictions prevent him from selling his shares in Trump Media for six months, further complicating the financial landscape.


The legal dispute between Trump Media & Technology Group and its co-founders underscores the intricate challenges facing the company’s trajectory. As the legal proceedings unfold and market dynamics evolve, the ramifications extend beyond mere financial implications, shaping the future of Trump’s media endeavors and broader legal scrutiny.

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