Breaking: Judge Denies Trump’s Last-Ditch Attempt! Trial Unstoppable as Legal Storm Rages On!

In the latest development of former President Donald Trump’s legal saga, a New York judge has denied his request to postpone his April 15 trial regarding hush money payments to a porn star. This decision comes amidst Trump’s efforts to delay proceedings until the U.S. Supreme Court reviews his claim to presidential immunity in a separate criminal case.

The Trial Timeline

The trial, originally slated for April 15, faced a potential delay as Trump’s defense team sought to await the Supreme Court’s review, scheduled for April 25. They argued that evidence involving statements made by Trump during his presidential tenure (2017-2021) could be pertinent to the case.

However, Justice Juan Merchan’s ruling on Wednesday dismissed Trump’s bid for postponement, citing that the former president had ample opportunities to raise the issue of presidential immunity earlier in the proceedings. Merchan stated, “Defendant had myriad opportunities to raise the claim of presidential immunity well before March 7, 2024.”

Trump’s Legal Defense

Throughout the legal proceedings, Trump has maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to each of the four criminal indictments against him. Despite his legal team’s efforts to delay the trial, the proceedings are set to move forward without further delay.

Implications and Future Proceedings

The denial of Trump’s request for postponement underscores the judicial system’s commitment to upholding due process and timely adjudication of cases. With the trial proceeding as scheduled, both sides will have the opportunity to present their arguments and evidence before the court.

As the legal battle ensues, all eyes remain on the outcomes of both the New York trial and the Supreme Court’s review of Trump’s claim to presidential immunity. These developments will undoubtedly have significant implications for Trump’s legal standing and political future.


While Trump’s bid to delay his trial has been denied, the legal proceedings surrounding his alleged involvement in hush money payments continue to unfold. With the trial set to proceed on April 15, the coming days will be pivotal in determining the trajectory of Trump’s legal challenges and their broader implications.

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